Daniel Hogan presents the story of a brilliant scientist Victoria Bernelli in
a dangerous situation and the hero she creates to rescue her. Trapped
in a contract with a ruthless and murderous executive, Victoria turns his
own project to create a perfect robot soldier against him in an effort to
save herself before he silences her for good.
But can she trust the Tinn Mann, as he proves himself capable of more
violence than she ever imagined? Or was the fault her own, when she
programmed him?
Victoria faces these painful questions while she runs for life, with only
the Tinn Mann to help her.

Jennifer McGinnis, AtomicAvenue.com

In the above quote, Jennifer McGinnis of AtomicAvenue.com does an excellent job summarizing the story of Tinn Man.
Published by Atlantis Studios, Tinn Man issue #1 hit the comic book shelves in the summer of 2006. This comic can still be ordered online. Because of time and money constraints, the series was cancelled before the story was complete.
This website is my way of keeping Tinn Man alive in the form of an online comic.