Daniel Hogan’s career in comic books began in southern California,
where he spent his youth reading them.

As a student at both the University of California Irvine and Sonoma State University, he studied art and developed his portfolio.
After making the rounds at the comic conventions, he was hired by Shadow Comix as a penciller in 1996.
His first published art was for “Darkblade”, a short back up story in Shadow Comix Presents #1.
In 1999, he graduated with a degree in Physics and created Utopolice.com, a website for an online sci-fi comic that has been up and running ever since.
In 2006 his creation, Tinn Man, was published through Atlantis Studios.

His influences include Gil Elvgren, Frank Miller, and Joshua Middleton. Dan enjoys reading the manga G.T.O., the Image comic Invincible, and currently his favorite comic book is Red 5 Comic's Atomic Robo. He is working on his greatest creation ever, Dinosaurs! Robots! Cheerleaders!